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Mr Scaffold hires out Mobile Scaffolds

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What’s different about Mr Scaffold?

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    You call us. We discuss and advise on the best scaffold for your project.

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    We deliver and build your mobile scaffold.

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    When you are finished you call us, we come and dis­mantle your mobile scaf­fold and take it away.

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    We are friendly, helpful and safe

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Relax. It’s an Altrex


Our Altrex scaffolds are manufac­tured in The Netherlands to NZ/Aust standards with strict quality control.

How to build a mobile scaffold ?

Safety Advice

Mr Scaffold cannot be on site while you use the scaffold and therefore can take no responsibility for the safe use of the scaffold. However, we do have some safety advice for you:

You should do your own Hazard Assessment before starting work. Below are some common safety issues relating to the use of mobile scaffolding:

  • Is a mobile scaffold the best way of completing the task?
  • Has the scaffold been built correctly?
  • Do not move the scaf­fold while you, or another person, are on the scaffold.
  • Remove tools and ma­terials from the scaffold before moving it.
  • Only use the scaffold on a stable surface.
  • Before using the scaf­fold lock the wheels and ensure it is level by adjusting the wheel legs.
  • Engage the stabilizer/ outriggers.
  • Beware of overhead power lines.
  • Do not use the scaffold to store or transport con­struction materials.
  • The scaffold is only de­signed for a maximum of two people, their hand tools and a small amount of material, such as a pail of paint.
  • Do not use the scaffold for propping or for heavy construction or demolition work.
  • Do not adjust the scaffold unless you have been instructed in the safe building of scaffolds and are following the methods set out on our website.

The Deal

Please take care of our scaffolding and make sure it is secure. It is expensive to replace.

Mr Scaffold owns the scaffolding and hires it to you on a temporary basis. You agree to take care of the scaffolding and use it safely. You will not act in any way which is inconsistent with Mr Scaffold's ownership of the scaffolding.

You will only use the scaffolding at the site where we have delivered it or you have told us you intend to use it. You will not take the scaffolding to another location without our agreement.

You agree to pay the hire, delivery, labour and collection charges for the scaffolding. You agree to pay our retail price for lost, stolen or damaged items of scaffolding. If you fail to pay those charges then we may add the costs of collection and interest at 15% per annum. Collection costs can include debt collection fees and all other costs incurred by us in recovering payment, including any expenses incurred in relation to recovering the scaffolding. You agree we may deduct charges and costs from any credit card or security deposit. Lost, damaged or stolen items continue to incur hire charges until they are paid for.

We may recover the scaffolding at any time where you have not paid the charges when they are due. We will not be liable for any costs incurred by you if we recover the scaffolding when you have failed to make payment on time.

You are responsible for the security and care of the scaffolding from when it is delivered by us until it is picked up by us. If you drop the scaffold off to our depot you can only do so during normal business hours and you must obtain a return receipt. Our return receipt will be the record of the time, condition and quantity of scaffolding returned or picked up. You may off hire the scaffold by calling or emailing our office and obtaining an off hire number.